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  1. Amara Geffen

    My dearest brother … our shared dear one … Jeremy Raymond Geffen …. how I miss him. Today I want to honor him and acknowledge that this is his Birth Day. Rame would have been 60 today. A milestone birthday. I miss him so…. and I will forever be his little sister but I will also forever be older than he was on this life journey. His life was such a blessing. I will miss him forever and always… even so, I know he is here with us all.

    1. Rhonda

      I’ve been feeling him so much this month, also, and am grateful to you for acknowledging his birthday, Amara…hugs to you.
      What a gift to the world that Jeremy Raymond Kabir Geffen was born, what a blessing to have known him, to have been, and to be in his friendship circle.


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